About FMT


The training you receive at FMT will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. Our 25,000 square foot training site includes 17,000 square feet of climate controlled space inside, and 11,000 square feet outside.

Our indoor facility boasts:

  • The FMT Training House – Our house is a 2-story, fully furnished, 2,100 square foot home. By fully furnished, we mean that it literally has everything you would expect of have in your own home, including knick-knacks, toys to trip over, and cereal boxes in the cupboards. Our attention to detail gives you the most realistic training environment possible. To ratchet up the realism even more, we have added breakable windows and ramable doors. In some of our courses we even utilize diversionary devices such as flash bangs.

The house has an overhead catwalk that allows a bird’s-eye view for trainers and observers so that they can evaluate the training scenarios real-time from the best possible viewing position. Cameras are mounted throughout the house for video recording role-played scenarios. The video can then be replayed and de-briefed with your team back in the FMT Briefing Room.

  • The FMT Bank– Our Bank is a fully outfitted 1,200 square foot Bank, complete with teller lines, offices, and furniture. It is an ideal environment for training both civilians and law enforcement on how to deal with robberies, assaults, and hostage situations in a typical urban business setting.
  • The FMT Mat Room– You will find our Mat Room to be spacious and squeaky clean… and no, it doesn’t smell like a men’s locker room. With 1,000 square feet of wall-to-wall mat you will be able to safely practice self-defense techniques with our highly trained instructors.
  • FMT Briefing Room– Our briefing room seats up to 28 people and is equipped with state of the art audio/video projection equipment, writing tables, and comfortable chairs. Our briefing room is an ideal environment for classroom instruction and for de-briefing the video taken from scenarios you have role-played.

If you are a part of a law enforcement or military tactical team, our Briefing Room is an ideal place to simulate gearing up for a SWAT operation. Team trainers and supervisors are able to brief the team on the details of the operation using FMT’s audio/video resources to describe things like target location a description of the “bad guy”. It is in the Briefing Room that stack orders, approaches, assignments, and contingency plans are discussed.

  • FMT Shooting Simulator– FMT owns the only shooting simulator in the region that is available for training civilians.

Being properly prepared means more than simply owning a weapon and getting a permit. It requires that you receive the proper instruction in simulated shoot scenarios, ranging from home invasions, street robberies, and hostage situations. FMT is your best choice to receive the highest quality simulated training of real-life shoot situations.

FMT’s state-of-the-art shooting simulator is the closest thing you can get to honing your skills in real life experiences. In a single 45-minute training session, our instructors will coach you through several of the hundreds of scenarios available, providing valuable guidance on how to improve your performance and decision making under stress.

FMT is the only place that you can receive state-of-the-art shooting simulation training in the region today. Sign up now to hone your decision making skills on FMT’s state-of-the-art Shooting Simulator.

Indoor and Outdoor Training Areas

At FMT we use Simunitions rounds in our training weapons to enable us to do realistic indoor training, including; force-on-force, role-playing, or target shooting year round, day or night. This realistic indoor training advantage allows you to train at your convenience, even if it is dark, wet or cold outside.

Outdoor training is also available at FMT. We have the space and the vehicles to do a wide variety of vehicle based training scenarios, including; hostages, personal assault/robbery, and vehicle assault.

FMT is fully equipped to train the most demanding of clients, like SWAT teams and military special operations personnel. But we also offer our premier training experience to civilians…because it is civilians like you, who are most often the first responders when a bad guy decides to do terrible things. If you are interested in protecting yourself, your family, your home, or your workplace from potentially violent crimes, FMT is the place for you to train.

Don’t wait for something terrible to happen to you or someone you love, sign up now for one of our many courses that will teach you the essential life-saving skills to deal with threating situations and people. All instruction is provided by a team of highly qualified instructors whose credentials range from former Navy SEALS, Marine Recon, Army Special Forces, Contract Workers, SWAT and law enforcement.

Customized Non-Training Events

Besides being able to provide a premier training experience for civilians, law enforcement and military, FMT also provides fun events that are oriented around our core themes of personal, home, and workplace protection. These events include:

  • Corporate Team Building Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Law Enforcement Job Fairs