Place of Worship



  • Security Teams: Armed and Unarmed
  • The Detection & Prevention of Targeted Violence
  • Responding To An Attack – Move, Secure, Defend
  • Church Threat Assessments

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Even churches need to think about safety and security. As history has shown, no place is exempt from a mass casualty attack. In the event an attack were to take place, lives can be saved through training and preparation!

    Active Shooter Events

    50 attacks between 2016-2017 with 943 innocent casualties.

    Attacker Effectiveness

    Shooters have an estimated 70% hit rate with 1:1 wound to kill ratio.

    Response Times

    Approximately 60% of Active Shooter events end prior to Law Enforcement arrival.

    Earn CE Credits

    We will coordinate with your states certification board for CE credit anywhere in the nation.

    4-Hour Safety Seminar

    Interactive, Relevant, and Helpful training provided by Nationally Recognized Experts.

    Increase Safety

    Learn how criminals think, evaluate their “probability of success”, and decide to attack.