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Courses on how to protect yourself and your family

Memberships start as low as $35/week!

  • Enhanced Concealed Weapons classes
  • Knowing the legal aspects of using Lethal Force
  • How to make rapid, legal, and appropriate decisions in Self-Defense situations
  • Reality Based Training courses
  • Beginner through Advanced Handgun and Rifle courses
  • And more!

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Whether you’re brand new and just getting started, or have carried a concealed weapon with you for many years, we have courses that you are sure to love!
FMTC’s $70,000 VirTra Shooting Simulator is a MASSIVE draw for our clients. Learn to make “shoot/don’t shoot” decisions in the systems reality based scenario library!
Our Live Fire classes are AMAZING! Whether we are shooting our steel targets, on the ground practicing positional shooting, shooting and moving through our mobile shoot-house, or just working on the fundamentals, it’s always a great day on the range!
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