School Safety


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  • The Detection & Prevention of Targeted Violence
  • Responding To An Attack – Move, Secure, Defend
  • School Site Threat Assessments
  • Behavioral Threat Assessments

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“Learning how to protect my students has brought me so much peace of mind. I used to feel like a sitting duck.. Not anymore!”


    50 events between 2016-2017 with 943 innocent casualties.


    Approximately 20% of teens contemplate suicide.


    Nearly 30% of students admit to carrying a weapon at school.

    We know that EVERY School & Teacher has their students safety as an absolute top priority!

    The topic of “what would I do if an attack happened at my school”, brings anxiety and stress to many teachers and principals. There is confusion on what is correct. There is question on what to do with the kids. There is a misconception of who the true first responders are.

    Do you have the kids help defend themselves if the intruder enters the room? Do you let them run away from the school? Do they get under their desks, huddle in a corner of the room, or spread out?

    There are many questions that teachers, principals, and parents have. Due to the seriousness of the topic, we need to have sound answers that are based on federal mandates and guidelines, best practices, and provided by experts who know and understand very well, how to guide you in the preparation, prevention, and response of a potential mass casualty attack.

    Forward Movement Training & Consulting has helped thousands of teachers, principals, and parents all across the United States. We can help you and your school too!

    FMTC was hired by the Idaho Department of Education in 2018

    We were honored to be hired by the Idaho Department of Education in 2018 to help the SDE and Idaho Law Enforcement, design a statewide initiative on a unified Emergency Response Plan with standardized protocol.
    You can read more about that here!

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    • Move, Secure, Defend
    • Detection & Prevention
    • School Threat Assessment

    Is Your Child’s School Prepared? 8 Questions Parents Can Ask to Assess School Safety (PDF)

    Behavioral Threat Assessment – Know what to do with a concern

    Drug Trends & Conflict: How to see it and stop it (PDF)