Forward Movement Training Center | Meridian, Idaho

About the Forward Movement Training Center

FMT is an indoor training facility unlike any other in the Western United States. Our 30,000sf training site offers Self-Defenders a place to receive training that helps develop skills, confidence, and self-empowerment, needed to properly defend themselves and their families in the event of an attack.

FMT has a 17,000sf “Scenario Village” that resembles a small town. Our scenario village is equipped with a fully furnished 2,100sf two-story home for Home Invasion training, a “Bank” for Robbery and Active Shooter training, a low light structure with moving walls for training on proper tactics and movement in low light and dark conditions, a Modular training room with moving walls for movement and tactics, two dedicated training vehicles (minivan and passenger car) for Vehicle Defense, and two mat room areas.

FMT also has an Award Winning VirTra Shooting Simulator, typically used in Police Academies, for Shoot/Don’t Shoot decision making and scenarios. It feels like you are in a episode of Cops and work with an FMT expert instructor on how to properly make life saving decisions in the split seconds self-defenders are often times given in the real world!

FMT offers a training environment that looks and feels like the real world. Our core objectives is to help those who have, or would like to have, a firearm attached to their Self-Defense plan, understanding of the totality of that decision through reality based training that is as close to real life, as possible.

Who Should Train at FMT and What Skill Levels Are Welcome?

FMT welcomes all skill levels. Whether you’re brand new to firearms, just curious about what your rights are as a Self-Defender, or someone who has carried a gun for Self-Defense for many years, FMT has a massive amount of value for you.

FMT is NOT a “Rambo” training company that seeks to recreate what you see in the movies. We focus on the realities of the world we live in and the dangerous people that exist in every community. We know that the realm of having a gun for Self-Defense can be intimidating for some. FMT has a “Crawl, Walk, Run” approach to our training program.

Understanding the fundamentals is key. Understanding that what you see in action movies in Hollywood is about as far from realistic, is critical. You MUST know the laws. You must know what the difference between Hollywood and Reality. Our training starts at the basics, and progresses from there. Having the tool (firearm) is one thing. To be able to make life changing decisions in the fractions of a second we are often times given, under extreme stress, is something else.

If you have a gun, whether concealed, open carry, in the home, or vehicle, you must train with it. We pray we can go our entire lives without ever needing to make that decision of having to use lethal force, but if we do, there is no margin for error. Life, Death, and Freedom are on the line.

What Courses Does FMT Offer and How Do I Take Them?

FMT offers an extensive number of courses. Visit our “Courses” tab at the top of this page to see what FMT has to offer.

FMT is a Members Only facility with the exception of our Enhanced Concealed Weapons Course and Ladies Night Basic Pistol class. Otherwise, you must be a Member of FMT to take our other courses. We require you to be a Member because it is impossible for any person to truly be prepared to deal with a split second attack situation and be prepared, by taking one or two courses.

It takes time to truly be prepared for a violent attack. Like with most things we learn, those skills don’t last if they are not continually developed. They perish over time. You can learn more about our Memberships by clicking on the “Memberships” tab at the top of this page.

I’m female and worry about getting involved and am intimidated by this training. What should I do?

FMT has worked with countless females who have shared this hesitation when looking at our training and considered taking our courses. Not to worry! You’re never yelled at, talked down to, or made to feel like this is training beyond your ability to handle. FMT Instructors are real world experts who not only specialize in the training they teach, but also how to work with any person, male or female, in a way that is conducive for learning.

If you’re a female and hesitant or intimidated by FMT’s courses, we promise you will be well taken care of and will grow beyond where you ever thought possible! We have countless testimonials from our Members and Clients that reflect how amazing of an experience they have had and how thankful they are for it!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up as an FMT Member TODAY and start your journey of true Confidence!